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Winter time 2/8/16 Today is a cold and blustery day! The donkeys have been out grazing, but the snow has started falling, and the gang has headed for the barn. Nice warm water and sweet hay is on their minds. With only 5 girls out there, things are pretty calm. I don't know if they miss Cash, but he's got a great home and a donkey buddy named Samson.

Need a Donkey? 6/4/15 If you have been waiting until nice weather to add to your herd, or purchase your first (of many!) donkey, now is a great time. We have several for sale, and if you call the price can always be negotiated. Give us a call at:
Or schedule a farm visit to get acquainted with donkeys!

Consuela Takes a Walk 6/4/15 Today is an absolutely gorgeous day so Consuela and I went for a walk. After putting on her halter and hearing the pitiful brays from her friends as I led her out the gate, we went across the road to check on the neighbors. She didn't think she wanted to go up the ramp to their porch, so we went around to the side door and visited. She's always a hit wherever she goes, and the neighbors were glad to see her. Donkeys are great to walk with, and Consuela is so well trained it's even better with her. Good donkey day!

RAIN 10/14/14 It's been a rainy week so far. We have closed the front of the barn as that outside area was just too wet and soupy for them to walk around in. We have installed a new barn floor and it seems to help keep their hooves dry. (Unless they're outside!) All the donkeys are healthy and happy. We are too.

Spring Finally Made It! 5/10/14 Today is a warm, sunny day. The gang at the barn is loving it! We have been hosting farm visits, and its possible one of our gang will be going to a new home. Exciting things are happening!

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